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Busman Europe specializes in assistance in buying Volkswagen T3 syncro's and other classic 4x4 vans anywhere in Europe from Istanbul to Lapland and ship them worldwide. With the " CAR BUYING SERVICE" Busman offers a unique service to those looking for a classic 4x4 van. On the pages "CARS FOR SALE" you will find possible interesting cars and trucks for sale in Europe.  

On the "SEARCH YOURSELF" page you will find links to all the major car selling sites in Europe. If you find something interesting you can use our services to go and get a nice car for you. You can also buy a car in Europe and have it dropped off at our place, we will then only take care of the shipping logistics. Another thing we offer you is the option "FLY, BUY and DRIVE" : here we'll buy a car for you , register and insure it and pick you up at the airport so that you can start on your trip through Europe right away. We can even fill your fridge !

Here's a description of what's included in OUR "CAR BUYING SERVICE" :


Taking contact with the seller and taking contact with the shipping line to get you a quote to your nearest port. Trying to get more pics before going to see the car and trying to talk the price down before leaving. Taking an option on the car so that there’s time for the money wire


Picking up your cash money that you wired to the local Busman bank account. For higher amount we don't take cash with us but a bankcheque or a homebanking card so that we can wire it on the seller's computer.
Driving to the seller with a trailer and checking if the car is as described
Calling you, even if it’s in the middle of the night in your time zone if there are non described issues with the car, so that you can decide if you want it or not. This happens very rarely though.
Paying the seller and driving to our place with your car and the car’s papers
Taking care of the paperwork on the American side of the ocean, bringing you in direct contact with the shipping line
Cleaning the outside of the car for shipping
Bringing the car and the papers to the docks. The shipping line sends you the papers by courier.


Although this very rarely happens, this is exactly what the “CAR BUYING SERVICE” is meant for. Unlike other Broker services, Busman Americas checks if the car is as good as described. If it’s not, you will get a call, even if it’s 3 o’clock in the morning at your place, and discuss what to to. It’s possible that we then decide to leave the car at the seller and drive back empty handed. But better this way then ending up with a scrap car arriving at your place. If the car is not as described you get the money back for the car and half the price of our fee.