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Use Vanalert to find a workshop when you're travelling, to find a recommanded campsite or to report a stolen van



This App is free and was developed for T3/Vanagon/T25 owners. Most of the data on it for the moment is in the US, where it was build, but it's spreading more and more in Europe and other continents as well.

There's three things you can do with VanAlert :

1.  find and upload workshops where they can help you with a mechanical problem

2.  find and upload cool camping sites and driveway camping spots. The Driveway camping spots are adresses you can contact to park on their driveway for a night, or, you can make a campspot from your own driveway and meet interesting people !

3.  report and find stolen vans


So make VanAlert an even bigger succes then it is already and put the free App on your smartphone !


Free download for Apple:



Free download for Android :