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In the summer of 1990 introduces Volkswagen the T4 model. The legendary T3 still sells very well due to the release of special models but the T3 could not be considered as modern anymore.


So a front mounted, more versatile model which Volkswagen already har in the planning in the seventies came to live in the 1990 while production of the T3 would continue in Graz, Austria for a couple of years.  


So in september 1990 Volkswagen started selling the T4 with a 2.0 (4 cyl) and a 2.5 5 cylinder  and the Diesel came with a 1,9 (4 cyl.) and 2.4 ( 5cyl.) uninspired Diesels.


In august 1992 started selling the four wheel drive T4 when production of the T3 Syncro ceased. The T4 Syncro became available with the 5 cylinder petrol or Diesel.